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Blue Water LED

Let me start by saying I was not poked nor prodded during the military investigation. Appears my Gheenoe has caught the eye of quite a few “higher ups”.

G20 Marine Shallow Water Anchor

Never one to sit still, Pro Staffer Curtis looks at the G2O Marine Shallow Water Anchor to see if it can secure his position.

I Hunt Fish - Apparel - III Guide Series

Pro Staffer Curtis looks north once again for the latest in flats fishing apparel.

Extending The Possibilities

Looking to get a handle on your outboard? Check out our tiller extension reviews.

Skinny Water Culture - Apparel

Skinny Water Culture supplied Pro Staffer Curtis with some new threads to check out.

I Hunt Fish - Apparel - II

What happens when the owner of the company drives from Brooklyn New York to have a "talk" about his last product review... See if Pro Staffer Curtis is wearing new "cement" shoes...

Shallow Water Products

Pro Staff Curtis is a sucker for shinny stuff, see what Skinny Water Products had in store for him.

Mighty Pole Shallow Water Anchor System.

Check out what Prostaff Curtis thinks of the Mighty Pole Anchor.

I Hunt Fish - Apparel

Prostaff Curtis Wright tests the latest apparel from I Hunt Fish.

Four Stroke Foursome tests the latest four stroke technology in 25hp motors.

The Superstick®

With a combination of light weight and multifunction use, the Superstick looks to be the perfect push pole… Or is it?

Yeti Tundra Series Cooler

The chances of a personal encounter with Gary, the grizzly, are not likely stalking shallow saltwater species from your skiff. But it is refreshing to know the cooler keeping your drinks or catch cold is built to take some serious abuse.

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker

There is a new device on the market that combines GPS data with a satellite phone system called SPOT which is short for Satellite Personal Tracker.

FINS Windtamer Fishing Line

Stronger, better, more resistant - marketing adjectives or the "reel" deal.

Butt Rest Fishing Rod Holder

A what rest? Check out this innovative way to hold a fishing rod.

Olympus Stylus 850S

Cameras are either your friend or the spawn of Satan.

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